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MR VEG blog is here:  https://mrvegblog.wordpress.com/ providing many of the yummy vego recipes used for our get togethers.

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‘Movies That Matter’ next showing will be on Tuesday 14 June 2016.

 “Movies that Matter” are shown on the 2nd Tuesday of the month upstairs in the function room at the Victoria Hotel Woodend. Drinks and Meals are available from 6:30pm onwards. The film commences at 7:30pm.

Please note: The screening of the highlights of the International film festival (as previously advertised) has now been rescheduled to August.


“As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful will do as they please and those that survive will be left to contemplate.”                                                                    Noam Chomsky


The Great Debate

Has democracy failed us or have we all failed democracy?

What can we do about it anyway

These questions will be debated around the Macedon Ranges at five forums for Democratic Renewal. The first forum was very successful being held at the Riddells Creek Primary School Gym in April. The guest speaker was Adam Jacoby from Mivote who suggested that democracy is dead. Adam then put forward some interesting ideas to practically address the sad state of public trust and engagement in the democratic process”.

The next speaker will be Professor Lyn Carson from Sydney University, a leading proponent of the merits of deliberative democracy, is coming to the Macedon Ranges to speak at the Lancefield public hall on  Sunday 29 May 2016, 4 pm.

Rob Bakes, an organiser of the forums, said “Professor Carson has been on the ABC’s Ockhams Razor talking about citizens’ juries and participatory democracy. I’m sure she will inspire us with her experience of new ideas which are being developed and trialled around the world to re-engage communities in political decision making processes.”

You get a chance to have your say about local issues that are important to you in group discussions after hearing from the keynote speaker

A forum for democratic renewal will give more information.




 The 2016 Macedon Ranges Sustainable Living Festival was held on February 27 & 28. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped on the day. You were fantastic! Thank you to our supporters. Your support is important to us.

Some photos of the 2016 Festival – Thank you to photographer Bruce Hedge


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by Jim Sansom

Myth 1: That fossil fuels are the cheapest form of energy.

They’re not. They are only regarded as cheap when the full cost of using them is not accounted for. Up till now humans have not costed the rubbish that is put into the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels.

Myth 2: That substitution of gas for coal burning eliminates emissions.

It doesn’t. Gas like coal is a hydrocarbon and when burnt produces CO2. It is true that less emission results from the burning of gas for the same useful energy output when compared with coal, but it still produces emissions.

Myth 3: That carbon dioxide (CO2) is the biggest green house gas.

It isn’t. Water vapour is far more prevalent in the atmosphere but its amount varies with temperature. The warmer the atmosphere the more water vapour it can hold and this warmth depends on green house gases trapping energy around the Earth. This is known as a ‘feed-back loop’ and is the cause of great concern for climate scientists. A relatively small increase in a green house gas (eg CO2, N20, CH4) leverages a proportionately larger atmospheric absorption of water vapour thus boosting the temperature even further and so the cycle goes on. ‘Runaway’ temperature increase is the result.
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Paris Pledge for Action Boosts Paris Climate Agreement

L’Appel de Paris, or the Paris Pledge for Action, is a call to action in support of the Paris Agreement which brings together a multitude of voices on an unprecedented scale.




 Peoples Climate March 2015


A successful  2015 march was held in Kyneton to show the local support for a definite and lasting global response from the Paris talks for combating climate change. People want change now.  A picnic lunch with community singing their very own climate songs was held at Quarry Reserve and  climate marchers headed off along Piper Street and Mollison St to the Kyneton Mechanics Institute in the centre of town, where many speakers were heard.  Further details at: https://www.facebook.com/Macedon-Ranges-Green-Energy-Coalition-299880123541228 Contact Rob 54 221 808 or Marcus 54 235 254 or email robbakes(at)mudbrickcircus.com.au if you want to join the movement for change.


Riding from the Sun to the Wind – Ride4Renewables

The second ever Ride4Renewables was held on Sunday 31 October 2015 and was a great success. Despite the wet start … more




MACEDON RANGES SHIRE COUNCIL CLEAN ENERGY PETITION with a whopping 3,537 signatures was presented to the Macedon Ranges Council meeting by Mayor and Councilor Jennifer Anderson in November 2015

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My Green Home Program

We are proud to announce MRSG collaboration with ecoMaster’s My Green Home Program and we invite you to get involved too.

As official partners of the program, we have our own dedicated page where you can register FREE. Visit: http://my-green-home.ecomaster.com.au/macedonrangessustainabilitygroup/ to sign up!

The My Green Home Program is a brilliant initiative designed to empower communities like ours to take the expert approach to making our homes as energy and thermally efficient as possible. –  Enjoy education resources offered by trusted industry leaders –  Learn about the best energy saving solutions, tested and approved by experts –  Take advantage of exclusive special prices –  Watch instructional videos for ease of installation –  Take meaningful action to achieve lasting carbon reductions As a group, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity as we work towards a greener future. Visit: http://my-green-home.ecomaster.com.au/macedonrangessustainabilitygroup/ to register today.


Marching for Action on Climate Change

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Dinner and Celebration for 2015

Melbourne Climate March – Friday 27 November

Movies in October 2015

Ride 4 Renewables

MRSG makes a pledge

Latest News

Dinner and Celebration for 2015

To celebrate the end of another successful year for the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group a dinner is being held on the 12th of December, 7pm, at Khao Jao Thai Village Restaurant, 17 Templeton St, Woodend – a very social, fun event with great company! Last year seats were sold out, so please book your tickets […]

Melbourne Climate March – Friday 27 November

This is the big march for Melbourne and many MRSG members will be attending. We are getting an MRSG banner made specifically for the two Climate Marches coming up. So please come along and get behind the new banner at what promises to be one of the biggest and most important marches ever. Not sure […]

Movies in October 2015

If we are what we eat then the producers of the film Bought raise some significant concerns about how collaboration and deception between big pharmaceutical companies and the media have impacted on the lives of consumers across the globe. The Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group  are due to screen this controversial film at their  next  Movies […]

Ride 4 Renewables

This event was so successful last year we are excited to announce it will be on again in 2015 on Saturday 31 October. For more information go to Ride for Renewables

MRSG makes a pledge

Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group is taking the Green Pledge! 31st Aug – 6 Sept For one week we’ll be taking 5 climate actions and raising funds for our Friends of the Earth who helped us so well with our windfarm campaign through Yes2Renewables. Join the MRSG team by signing up at www.thegreenpledge.net and search ‘Macedon […]

Announcement of funding for solar project at Woodend Mill

MP Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for Energy and Resources for the State Government announced a $100,000 grant for a 30-kilowatt solar farm to be constructed at the old timber mill situated just outside Woodend. Ralf Thesing, president of the MRSG said that it is terrific to receive this funding as it will create a “perpetual fund” […]

2015 Festival pictures

Making wooden pledge tree plaques Mosey   Bark painting

Festival volunteers celebrate a great festival

Fifty people enjoyed a night out at the Vic Hotel with great food and company.  The message was that all should be congratulated for producing a terrific Macedon Ranges Sustainable Living Festival 2015. Below is Alastair who has coordinated the last 3 festivals. Bruce offered thanks to Alastair for all his hard work, blood, sweat […]

Food Forum report

  Macedon Ranges Vegetarian Eating Group or MR VEG presented a Food Forum on November 1 which was a great success. 50 people attended and heard two very interesting talks; the first by Patrick Hodgson (myths and truth about soy) and then Pam Ahern (founder Edgar’s Mission,a sanctuary for rescued farm animals). Afterwards a scrumptious  […]

AGM Report

The highlight of our AGM held on Wednesday August 6 was a talk given by Professor John Thwaites, Chair of  the Monash Sustainability Institute and another group called Climate Works Australia. Thank you John for a very informative talk. The President of MRSG, Ralf Thesing, gave a report of the years activities. You can find […]

Home Produce Exchange

To find out how to join in the Home Produce Exchange: It is held at 10am at the MRSG stall at the Woodend Community Farmer’s Market first Saturday of the month, 8.30am – 1pm you can bring your own produce to the Home Produce Exchange Table and exchange for something else you can meet others […]

MRSG Committee meeting

Committee meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at the Woodend Neighbourhood House 47 Forest St Woodend, 8 pm. We welcome all members to attend. A meeting is coming up this Tuesday 1 July.

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