The executive and committee were elected on the 11th of October 2016.


President: Peter Lane, president(at), 0412 029 409
Vice President: Ralf Thesing, vp(at)
Secretary: Liz Wilson, secretary(at)
Treasurer: David Gormley-O’Brien, treasurer(at)


Project Groups Outreach: Patrick Hodgson
Membership Outreach: Ruth Hodgson
Membership Support: Jon Morgan


Website: Nea Gyorffy
Facebook: Position vacant
Newsletter: Peter Margrie

Action Group Leaders

Vegetarian Eating Group: Ruth Hodgson
Sustainable Living Festival: Sharon Kittson, mrslf(at)
Permaculture Garden: Denise Green
Movies that Matter: Anita Foerster, Louise Mitchell
Renewable Energy Projects: Barry Mann