The Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group (MRSG) emerged from the Woodend Sustainable Living Community (2003-2008). The predecessor organisation was responsible for the development of the Sustainability Hub at the rear of the Neighbourhood House and the layout of the permaculture garden; including negotiations with the local council and Sustainability Victoria.

The WSLC partnered in the development of the Sustainability Hub and was initially a lessee of the office, store room, function room, under-croft and permaculture garden area. The Shire council (MRSC) and the Woodend Neighbourhood Centre took over these places in 2013. MRSG still manages the permaculture garden at the rear of this building.

In 2008 the committee decided the sustainable community organization should seek influence over a broader cross section of the Macedon Ranges if it was to achieve its vision. As a result, the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group was born in August 2008 with a new committee, a new structure, a business plan and a focus on events and practical activities that would seed sustainable living across the shire.

Like minded, local groups such as the Transition Town Riddell and the Newham Landcare and Sustainability Group were invited to auspice their activities funding and communications through the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group. The WISEgroup joined MRSG as a dedicated energy focused project team and in 2014 MRSG auspiced the Trentham Sustainability Group.  In 2015 we welcomed the Woodend Bee-Friendly Society into the group. Since 2007, Movies that Matter has become a permanent fixture on the monthly calendar and there are now also regular food exchanges and vegetarian gatherings.MRSG continues to have a presence in the community and in the local media, at farmers markets and we host events with speakers and link with appropriate sustainability campaigns.

MRSG continues to have a strong community presence, regularly appears in the local media, at farmers markets and at hosted events.