Home Produce Exchange

The Home Produce Exchange is part of The Woodend Community Farmer’s Market which is held on the first Saturday of each month for all 12 months of the year. Now in its ninth year, members of “the swap” have increased to well over 100, a sociable gathering of locals and some not-so-locals demonstrating seasonal harvests.  The Produce Exchange starts at 10am and everyone is welcome to bring produce from their garden or anything that might represent home gardening eg seeds, apple cake, natural fertilizer, egg cartons etc. Helen Scott is a terrific ambassador for this activity and injects her know-how and energy into a very successful venture for the community.

Helen sends out a monthly email reminder with seasonal tips and interesting links (as above) to anyone who wishes – contact her at orseda@bigpond.com if you wish to be added to her list.

Helen’s musings …

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… on the ethics of eating (December 2014). Californian pioneer on the politics of food, Alice Waters, was in Australia in November. I’m not a farmer (my Dad was), but her address on the Ethics of Eating back in 1994 helps sums up why I’m involved in our Produce Swap:

“If you choose to eat mass-produced fast food, you are supporting a network of supply and demand that is destroying local communities and traditional ways of life all over the world – a system that replaces self-sufficiency with dependence. And you are supporting a method of agriculture that is ecologically unsound – that depletes the soil and leaves harmful chemical residues in our food.  But if you decide to eat fresh food in season – and only in season – that is locally grown by farmers who take care of the earth, then you are contributing to the health and stability of local agriculture and local communities.”

Western Water publishes a sustainable gardening e-newsletter called the Watering Can with ideas about what to grow now, tips to save water in the garden and other articles, and local events– you can subscribe here.