Ride4Renewables 2015 was organised by MRSG to celebrate and promote the increased use of renewable energy in the Macedon Ranges. Two renewable energy projects that were being run by MRSG at this time are: a large solar panel project at the Woodend Timber Mill and preparing for a community wind farm outside Woodend. The Ride4Renewables was held on Sunday 31 October 2015. The rain poured down until about 11.15am and then stopped as if on cue, to allow the small group of intrepid riders to set off. It was beautiful to see the forest refreshed by the rain, and the top of the climb in the midst of a pine forest proved a very windy place, great for a small wind farm. The proposed community-owned wind turbines could power up to 4,500 homes, enough for Woodend, Macedon and Mount Macedon. The area is also a very pleasant area for a bike ride!

The Ride4Renewables has not taken place for two years, as we focused on Sustainable House Day, but moves are afoot to embrace one whilst in next year's election mode. We welcome our massive and growing population of Macedon Ranges bicycle riders to join with MRSG to affect another message of sustainability to our political leaders.

Stay tuned for more updates!