Become a sponsor

Sponsorship of MRSG and events

MRSG has DGR (deductable gift recipient) status and a growing profile in the community for providing sustainability action.

At events and generally there is both an opportunity and demand to attract financial and in-kind support.

Different types of support

MRSG has limited commercial relationships involving the supply of goods and services (e.g. MRSG /WISE bulk solar purchase scheme).

Donations (no strings attached) are essentially a feel good response that is also tax effective.

Sponsorship may be focused on specific events or activities and may be for general support.

Different donors motives

In accepting sponsorship (from businesses) there needs to be some degree of vetting against principles or criteria

  • Business is comprehensively aligned with our purpose
  • Business is local
  • There are downstream opportunities for a deeper long term relationship

MRSG can offer benefits in terms of

  • good exposure to an environmentally sensitive audience of 350 + consumers
  • good corporate citizenship

Different benefits available

Increased presence in the community and commercial benefits can be achieved via the placement of logos at key events and in communications.

Events in order of sponsorship attractiveness include:

  • Farmers Markets (monthly)
  • Sustainable Living Festival
  • Open House & Food Gardens
  • Forums
  • Movies that Matter

 MRSG offers various communication channels which could also be of interest including:

  • website
  • newsletters
  • signage (e.g. Permaculture garden)

 Different Pricing arrangements

Whilst each event and communication medium has a potential commercial value to sponsors there is an opportunity to package elements together. Pricing of benefits can be done per event or medium or as packages .

MRSG has received donations from businesses, government and individuals. Donations are tax deductible. WISE has determined the following levels of support:

  • Supporter $200-$1000
  • Sponsor $1000-$5000
  • Partner $5000+

Supporters could be offered logo and acknowledgement at a single event (e.g. Sustainable Living Festival) or a small event series (e.g. Forums).

Partners could be offered acknowledgement and logos at all events and communications.

Sponsors and partners would have the opportunity for exclusive listing (e.g. only real estate agent).