Movies that Matter: Cultivating Murder

Our next Movies That Matter is Cultivating Murder – directed by Gregory Miller, funded through the Documentary Australia Foundation and is dedicated to memory of Glen Turner a professional and ardent environmentalist.

 Glen worked on the frontline of habitat, species and wild life protection. He was investigating illegal land clearing in rural NSW when he was found murdered on the side of the road. The killer was Ian Turnbull, a wealthy NSW rural producer who had previously been prosecuted for illegal land clearing. During the murder trial, Turnbull pleaded not guilty on the grounds of  “substantial impairment”, claiming the Office of Environment and Heritage was bankrupting his family agribusiness and as a result, he suffered acute depression. Cultivating Murder tells the story of four people who are deeply affected by the murder. By looking at Glen’s work we see how vital it is to continue in the face of legislative changes now being proposed that will see a major winding back of environment protection. 

 The movie will shown at the Vic Hotel, High St Woodend at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10 October. Please eat prior to coming to the movie. You might like a meal in the bistro from 6.30pm.

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