Lily D’Ambrosio visits MRSG

Lilli D’Ambrosio Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change launched The Advocate for Renewable Energy role  for Victoria at the Black Forest Timber Mill on Friday December 9. Simon Corbell will take up this position.

Mr Corbell was previously Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for the Environment and Climate Change of the ACT, where he drove the delivery of large scale solar and wind farms and oversaw the implementation of the ACT large scale feed in tariff and reverse auction process.

The independent VREA’s key responsibilities include:
• heading Victoria’s key advisory body on renewable energy development
• leading efforts to attract further investment in renewable energy
• assisting in the implementation of the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) scheme
• providing independent advice to the Government
Mr Corbell was a recipient of the Banksia Foundation’s Gold Award for the ACT Solar Auction program, and has been recognised by the Clean Energy Council and Australian Solar Council for his work in championing the clean energy transition nationally


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